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Dosahut Online

Indian Restaurant

Dosahut Online

Indian Restaurant

Mysore Masala Dosa

Thin and crispy rice pan cake with layer of spicy chutney

Chickhen 65

Serving delicious North and South Indian Food. Dosahut Chathouse has been voted one of the best Indian restaurants in the area. Come, enjoy and taste for yourself!!

Authentic Food

Warm, cosy and comfortable environment. You'll feel like home at our restaurant!!

Great Service

Lunch, Dinner, Takeout, Dine-In, Order Online. We gurantee our service and believe that Customer comes first!!

Chilli Bhajji

Long Chilli dipped in chick pea batter and deep fried

Hyderabadi Biryani`

Authentic hydrabadi dum biryani


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At Dosahut Chathouse Indian restaurant, our philosophy is simple:

Authentic food, Served in a cozy environment, with a smile on our face and making sure the Customer is satisfied.

This philosophy has made us the Best Indian restaurant in the Norristown area and we strive hard to keep it that way.


Enjoy your stay

Right at the outset, perhaps, several notes of explanation may be in order. The word dosa, which appears in the restaurant’s title, refers to a type of crepe, a crispy pancake made with lentil and rice flour. These crepes are designed to be filled or topped with a number of savory accoutrements. In contrast, an uthappam, which also holds a prominent place on the restaurant’s menu, is a thicker, less crisp pancake that is also made with rice & lentils and, like its crispy counterpart, also filled or topped with a variety of seasoned selections.

Secondly, the word chat (chaat) really means “snack” and these are generally listed in the appetizer section of Indian menus. We also specialize in Hyderabadi Biryani .

Browse around for a while

Finally, the great majority of Indian restaurants in the U.S. offer their patrons the cuisine of north India, which is famous for its elaborate meat preparations, rice pilafs, velvety sauces, and delicate use of flavorings. In south India, where much of the population is vegetarian, the emphasis is on rice, lentils, pancakes, seafood, vegetables, and coconut. As a general rule, the flavorings in the south tend to be very spicy – sometimes fiery.

The Dosahut Chathouse majors in the latter and offers up some of the best South Indian cuisine it has ever been my pleasure to ingest. And, fortunately, diners are asked in advance with regard to the preference for spice. If you are a neophyte to Indian cuisine, or particularly delicate of disposition, my advice would be to stipulate “mild” in no uncertain terms. This will give you the full benefits of the kitchen’s incomparable seasonings, provide just a tantalizing touch of heat, and significantly reduce the danger of any possible peristaltic reprisals.



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Indian Restaurant Norristown area, South Indian and North Indian Food, Hyderabadi Biryani

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